Privacy Policy

Private information policy

Collecting of private and personal information.

We only collect information about your personal details when you apply on our contact form.

We collect information about your name, your e-mail address, your telephone number(s), your occupation / title and place of work.

What are your details used for!

We use your personal details when dealing with general enquiries about our products or when ordering one of our products.

Your personal details are never sold or disclosed to others.


We have high standards of security, also in connection with collection of personal details.

For this reason we have a series of internal procedures and policies that secure we live up to our high security standards and that your personal data is safeguarded against third parties.

Access to your personal details.

You have the right to know which personal details we have registered on our system and also the right to alter or delete your details when appropriate.

Altering your personal details.

Contact our data controller, Jes Linnet:, and write “personal data” in the subject fields.

This employee will take your personal details, alter or delete them and also answer any other queries you may have about our privacy policy.


We understand that both our customers and employees have the right to know that their personal details are safeguarded.

We act upon statutory guidelines and have thoroughly examined all our processes where we deal with our customers / employees personal details.

We ensure that we follow all GDPR rules and regulations. In connection with the above the GDPR process has been documented in an approved system.

To continually ensure the quality of our data protection and to fulfill all requirements in GDPR, we have also set up internal controls to ensure that safeguarding procedures are regularly monitored.

We have agreements with the data processors and we have informed our employees of the relevant legislation so they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to comply with GDPR in their daily interaction with our customers.