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For more than 30 years, Sax Lift has been manufacturing and selling scissor lift tables for all types of markets – standard tables as well as customized, and custom-made tables. Our focus has always been to ensure unmatched safety and performance.  

One of the steps in developing Sax Lift has been to offer ATEX solutions. Our dedication to this area has been relentless, and we are proud to say that we believe to be the one and only scissor lift producer in the world that has a full ATEX Certification / Approval for OUR FULL PRODUCT RANGE of approximately 100 different available lift tables.

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ATEX Certification Excellence

To be very simple and effective in our offering we have defined the following Zones where our solutions are applicable.

II 2 D Ex IIIC T85°C Db
Designed for Zone 21 + Zone 22 (dust) environments, these tables inhibit combustible dust ignition, are suitable for groups IIIC, IIIB, and IIIA, and operate safely at a maximum surface temperature of T85°C. 

•II 2 G Ex IIC T6 Gb
Designed for Zone 1 + Zone 2 (gas) certified tables prevent the ignition of explosive gases, covering groups IIC, IIB, and IIA. and operate safely at a maximum surface temperature of T85°C.

Standard ATEX-Rated Scissor Lift Table

Offering app. 100 different, and available, standard types of lift tables and mobile lift trolleys, each equipped with the Certificate Number ExVeritas 22 ATEX 1377 X, manufactured in accordance with various international standards and directives, our tables guarantee the highest levels of safety and reliability. 

Our ATEX solutions are designed for industries where the powerpack and control box are placed outside the ATEX zone, lift table and hand controller are placed inside the ATEX zone


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Optimal Operating Conditions

Our equipment is built to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -5°C to 40°C. These thermal conditions are chosen to ensure a wide temperature range combined with the most flexible temperature range T6: 85°C. Should you have a different specific need for a Temperature class, please contact us for further assistance.

Customized ATEX-Rated Scissor Lift Tables

Having a full ATEX certification for our product ranges has opened numerous possibilities to offer ATEX solutions for our customized solutions as well. Whether our certification covers your specific need depends typically on the specific Zone and whether it is a mechanical or electrical customization that is required. Please contact our specialists for further advice. 

Our team of ATEX experts ensures that your lifting equipment meets the highest safety standards. Let us guide you to the safest, most efficient lifting solutions for hazardous environments. 

Where safety in lifting meets innovation and customization. Reach out to our ATEX experts for a consultation and ensure your lift table requirements.


How we keep your Co-Workers safe

Our ATEX lift table has a safety bar underneath the platform. If activated while lowering, the table stops immediately. The Intrinsic Safety (IS) switches are under the top plate. 

Our control box is positioned outside the ATEX zone to improve safety within your ATEX ZONE.

Intrinsic Safety (IS) is employed for limit switches to safely stop the table at maximum or minimum height in your ATEX ZONE.

We have implemented almost zero resistance between moving parts and PE to discharge static electricity and prevent spark occurrence in your ATEX ZONE.

We utilize ATEX-certified handheld controls to optimize operator protection and safety within the ATEX zone.

Our hydraulic pump is situated outside the ATEX Zone to increase safety within your ATEX ZONE.

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