Scissor Lift Trolley – manual or electric

Sax Lift offers standard mobile scissorlift tables that can lift up to 150kg and up to 1000kg. All your requirements can be met by our lift tables.

Sax Lift has a wide range of lifting trolleys. And, we offer fast delivery and a guarantee of stock availability.

The lifting trolley is an excellent choice when you frequently lift or move objects. And it will make your job easier. Our Scissor lift trolleyscome in various sizes and lifting heights.

Mobile lift tables weigh in from just 40kg and are light and easy to move around. And due to their size, they can easily be moved to other locations, by a van.

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Manual trolleys

Sax Lift offers manual lifting trolleys, both as a screw-type mechanical lift platform and with hydraulic lifting.

The mechanical model I300 is lifted and lowered using a handle. I300 is our most economical solution, and is suitable for environments where hydraulic lifting are not allowed.

We have a range of manual trolleys in the hydraulic range with a lift capacity between 150 kg to 1000 kg. The hydraulic manual trolley are lifted with a foot pump and lowered with a handle.

Electric trolleys

The electrical lifting trolley removes all physical effort from your work flow.

The trolley comes with a 12V battery and is operated with a dead-man’s switch.

The battery has an indicator for when it needs to be recharged. Wich you can do over night or between shifts.

1x230V power is used for charging the trolley.


  1. A lifting trolley with wheels requires a hard flat surface. 
  2. Always place your goods center on the topplate. Goods over the edges or goods placed on the edges causes imbalance.
  3. It is essential that the load be supported so it does not slide off or tip over the lift table.
  4. When moving the lifting trolley the top plate should be in a closed position
  5. Our mobile lift table should not be used for lifting people or moving them. Do not place any objects below the top plate. Do not reach below the top plate until the safety legs have been installed. When the lift table is in use, keep an eye on it and the load.  When using a mobile lift table, make sure your feet don't get in the way of the moving wheels.
  6. The mobile lift table has 4 casters. There are 2 fixed casters, and 2 swivel wheels with brakes. When lifting and lowering the lift table, the swivel wheels must be locked


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