Increase safety and
protect your lift table's scissors with bellows

Our lift table with bellow are a great way to increase safety and protect your equipment from damage.

We have two options for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs - a PVC standard bellow or a steel mesh curtain. The bellow is easy to install and protects your scissors from most outside objects, while the mesh curtain provides even more protection and can be installed on any type of lift table.

Keep your lift table safe and in top condition with our durable and long-lasting skirts. Feel free to ask questions regarding your needs to the experts

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Lift table with steel mesh curtain

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All Sax Lift bellows fit perfectly behind the safety trip bars. The bellow protects the power pack and scissors from water splashes and tools. 

NOTE: A bellow is not water- and airtight. It must have some airflow. 

The steel mesh curtain can be installed behind the safety trip bar or along the edge of the lift table. The mesh curtain can be used to prevent tools and other items from falling under the lift table.


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