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Sax Lift has been one of the leading scissor lift table manufacturer, for over 30 years. We offer 11 product categories, including standard lift tables and scissor lift trucks. Sax Lift always has a stock of over 2000 products for fast delivery.

EN 1570-1 + A1, 2nd version 2014-10-09, underlining a commitment to high-quality offerings within our standard products, stainless steel, galvanised steel, and ATEX-certified products.

Sax Lift delivers more than 500 customised solutions each year, dedicated to our customers' exact needs.

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Sax Lift is committed to delivering high-quality scissor lift tables.

Every table comes equipped with standard safety features: a hose burst valve to prevent unexpected descents due to hydraulic issues, a robustly designed control box and electrical components

A safety bar that halts descent upon obstruction, an over-pressure valve to protect hydraulics and motor from overload, and a simple, robust hand controller with up, down, and emergency stop functions.

Sax Lift upholds high quality standards for scissor lift table components.

Our unique control box, locally produced, guarantees outstanding performance.

We utilize top-tier hydraulic components, each handpicked for enduring durability and safe operation. Our state-of-the-art electrical components and wiring are crafted to stand the test of time. Moreover, every table dispatched from Sax Lift undergoes a rigorous quality protocol and check procedure, ensuring only the best for our customers.

Sax Lift's scissor lift tables are designed for effortless installation.

With a standard setup that includes a 3-phase, 400V N + PE, 50Hz, 13 Amp power supply and a CEE power plug, getting started is as simple as 'Plug and Play'.

The product boasts an IP54 rating, ensuring durability and protection. Furthermore, every unit aligns with EN 1570-1 + A1, 2nd version 2014-10-09 compliance, guaranteeing safety and quality standards.

How does a scissor lift table work?

A scissor lift table is a mechanical device using a collapsible, crisscrossing, pantographic linkage system, commonly called "scissors." The mechanism for elevation is typically a hydraulic cylinder, which applies force to the linkage system, causing it to extend or retract.

The stability and uniform distribution of the load are supported by the platform mounted atop the linkage. The design ensures the platform stays parallel to the ground throughout its vertical movement.

Sax Lift has delivered lift tables to more than 5000 reputable companies all over Europe

See extract of our 100+ international companies in various industries. Sax Lift is represented in more than 20 countries all over the EU.

Customers choose Sax Lift because of our high level of professional expertise and service, and our ability to deliver high quality, fast, and competitive prices.

overview of Sax Lift's departments in Europe

Sax Lift, a leading supplier of lift table solutions UK

It is commonly known in the industry that Sax Lift has a large product range within stationary, mobile lift tables and customised lifting table solutions.

Based on a well-assorted standard range of stationary scissor lift tables, Sax Lift is a leading scissor lift table manufacturer in the UK and offers simple lifting solutions for every type of need.

Our standard mobile scissor lift table products cover widely and handle goods from 150 to 1000 kg and up to 1.5 meters lifting height with ease.

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2000+ IN STOCK = Fast delivery

Our production and shipping department is both well-functioning and efficient.

Sax Lift handles a large number of lift tables every day, and by having at least 2000 units in stock fast customer deliveries are secured. Sax Lift handles a large number of lifting tables every day, and by having at least 1000 units in stock customer deliveries are secured.

Sax Lift building customised Lift Tables

Customised Lift table Solutions

Even though our product range contains more than 2000 standard units, more than 50% of our business consists of customised solutions.

Our Lift Table Specialists have solid technical knowledge and always provide the best solution that fits the customer needs.

We are experienced in solving any kind of lift table needs - in almost any kind of industry.

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Quick customer response (Quality and reliability)

At Sax Lift we work as a united entity and share a common set of values

- Results-oriented
- Keep it simple
- Keep it quick
- Business integrity
- Credibility
- A good business for both parties


We have a large product range of more than 100 different lift tables.

2000+ lift tables in stock, ready for fast delivery!


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We’ve been in the market since 1993 and have accumulated experience and knowledge.


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Sax Lift is a leading lift table manufacturer with a dedicated team of Lift Table Specialists.
Our team is ready to guide you to the best solution to fit your lifting needs.

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