Hydraulic Lift Tables

Optimize your production lines, workstations, packing, and logistics with a hydraulic lift table. Sax Lift provides standard tables, in stock, with lifting capacities between 500 and 7000 kg, that suit most needs; from handling small components to extra large loads. For easy pallet handling E + U-shaped lift tables makes it easy to deliver and pick up pallets with your pallet truck.

We always have a minimum of 2000 units in stock, ready for shipment within 24 hours.

All products are CE-certified and comply with the requirements of EN 1570-1 + A1, 2nd version 2014-10-09.

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Low profile platform

High lifting lift tables

High hydraulic platforms with 2-4 scissors, lifting up to to 4.2 meters

Hydraulic heavy duty lift table platforms

A large table and a large top plate are used for lifting big and heavy items. In addition to providing just a lift, the large heavy duty platform also functions as a workstation and ensures an ergonomically working height.

Hydraulics are the foundation of lifting tables' ability to lift. In a cylinder with oil under pressure, the force that lifts is created. Lift tables are a tireless resource that ensures an efficient and safe working environment

These hydraulic platforms are often called tandem scissor lift tables, our double scissor lift tables. They consist of two mechanically synchronized scissors with a common top and bottom frame, and hydraulics to provide the lift.

Custom made hydraulic platforms available

Large lift table platforms can be custom designed. Dimensions, lifting height and lifting capacity can fittedto your needs. Read more about custom designed lift tables here

Scissor lift platform with rails
Large custom made hydraulic heavy duty platform
Heavy duty hydraulic lift table platform

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