Double scissor lift tables for heavy duty applications

Our double scissor lift tables, are ideal for lifting long, heavy or big items and serve particularly well as large work stations. Our standard tables comes with a lifting capacity from 2000 and up to 7000 kg.

We also do heavy duty lift tables customized for your needs - both in terms of dimensions, lifting height and lifting capacity - read more about our customized lift tables.

All products are CE-certified and comply with the requirements of EN 1570-1 + A1, 2nd version 2014-10-09.

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  • Hose burst valve to secure table from descending in case of breakage/leakage of hydraulic hoses.
  • Control box and electrical components designed for safety and durability.
  • Safety bar underneath platform will stop descent if obstructed.
  • Over-pressure valve to safeguard hydraulics and motor from overload.
  • Safe maintenance features.
  • Includes hand controller with up, down, and, emergency stop functions.


  • Unique control box with excellent performance, developed and produced locally next to our production facilities.
  • Top performing hydraulic components – each one carefully selected for durability and safe performance.
  • State of the art electrical components and wiring. Designed to last.
  • Quality controlled – every single table leaving Sax Lift has passed a thorough quality protocol and check procedure.


  • Power supply 3-phase, 400V N + PE, 50Hz, 13 Amp is standard.
  • CEE Power plug.
  • IP54 rated.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Dedicated experts ready to guide you.
  • This product is in compliance with EN 1570-1 + A1, 2nd version 2014-10-09.

         CE Compliant

Our double scissor lift table are composed of two mechanically synchronized scissors with common top and bottom frame.

Lift tables make your work processes more efficient by removing the need for physical lifting, optimizing ergonomics, leveling vertical distances and making your work spaces more flexible.

Sax Lift scissor lift tables can be customized with a range of add-on equipment. We also offer a wide range of other hydraulic lift tables. The most common type is the single scissor lift table. If you need a table for high lifts, a vertical double scissor lift table is your solution. Vertical double scissor tables have maximum lifting heights from 1.75 meters to over 4 meters. Low profile lift tables are an option if you are using a pallet truck and want to avoid building a pit.

We always have a minimum of 2,000 quality scissor lift tables in stock ready for shipment within 24 hours in competitive prices.

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